Oil Tanks:

Whether you are looking to add an oil tank to your existing system, replace an old oil tank before it becomes a problem or remove a tank that is buried underground, Yankee Oil has you covered.  Tanks over time can become compromised and ignoring these signs is an environmental hazard waiting to happen.  Let Yankee Oil’s trained experts remove your old oil tanks and install new state of the art oil tanks to keep you and the environment safe for years to come.


These new tanks are UL Listed 12 gauge steel 275 or 330-gallon oil tank. Tandem and special sized tanks are also available. Tanks coated with a corrosion resistant coating by the manufacturer.  Parts and labor (tank legs, fill, vent, vent alarm, gauge, fuel lines, and oil filter).  Tanks that are easily installed in basements, garages, or conveniently alongside the house.

Roth Double-Wall Oil Tanks

Yankee Oil is a certified Roth installation company as well.  These tanks are great for customers with limited space for an oil tank or customers that are interested in a more reliable storage option for their heating oil needs.  Roth Double-Walled tanks are leak proof and will not corrode.  They come in multiple sizes, giving customers plenty of choices when installing new tanks.  Also, Roth offers a generous 30 limited warranty, as well as an insurance policy of up to $2 million for any tank failures.  These are some of the most durable oil tanks on the market and are guaranteed to last.



Buried oil tanks raise increasing environmental, safety, legal and economic concerns for home owners and home buyers because oil leaks underground can lead to both environmental damage and costly cleanup operations.

We provide reasonable prices for removing your in-ground tanks. We can remove your in-ground tank and even install a new tank indoors all within the same day. We are your one stop place for removing your old oil tank and installing a brand new one.

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